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Release, Downloads: 33046
Description Excerpt: The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications.Java 2 Platform Stan...

Release, Downloads: 5471
Description Excerpt: K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the win32 (Windows) plat...

Release, Downloads: 177428
Description Excerpt: These are some of the 150+ community generated Firefox ads submitted since the Flicks project lau...

Release, Downloads: 4337
Description Excerpt: Europe: a continent with thousands of years of history, a rich cultural heritage and some of the ...

Release, Downloads: 1833
Description Excerpt: Mandriva Linux Inside is an electronic magazine dedicated to one of the most easy to use distribu...

Release, Downloads: 21195
Description Excerpt: The J2SE Development Kit (JDK) supports creating J2SE applications.Java 2 Platform Standard Editi...

Release, Downloads: 9981
Description Excerpt: Miranda IM is a multi protocol (Jabber, ICQ, IRC, ...) instant messenger client for Windows. Mira...

Release, Downloads: 13008
Description Excerpt: MalaysianOSS Magazine (MyOSS Magazine) is an initiative to build upon the thriving Open Source Co...

Release, Downloads: 2219
Description Excerpt: Free Software for Busy People is a great book licensed under the terms of GNU Free Documentation ...

Release, Downloads: 2155
Description Excerpt: Free/Open Source Software, Guide to Localization assists people in localizing FOSS applications. ...

Release, Downloads: 2681
Description: Learn how software patents actually work in this easy to follow and fun animation.

Release, Downloads: 1771
Description Excerpt: This essay explores OSS and explains why it is more than just ‘sharing’. Having outlined OSS’s ...

Release, Downloads: 14737
Description Excerpt: Dive Into Greasemonkey is a book about programming with Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension for cus...

Release, Downloads: 2305
Description Excerpt: Klax is an i486 GNU/Linux Live-CD, very similar to Slax because it's created with the same Linux ...

Release, Downloads: 20042
Description Excerpt: DC++ announces the freedom to share! DC++ is an open source client for the Direct Connect protoco...

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 I Am Gurgaon
 Stayin Alive in Joburg
 MidnightBSD 1.2
 OpenTTD 1.9.2
 LibreOffice 6.2.4
 Mozilla Firefox 66
 Notepad++ 7.6.4
 Adopting Trouble
 Mozilla Thunderbird 60.3
 PeaZip 6.6.1
 Discography 2018
 GoldBug 4.0 - Crypto Cha...
 SUMo - Software Update M...
 Discography 2017
 IrfanView 4.51
 Oracle VirtualBox 5.2.8
 VLC (VideoLAN Client) 3.0.1
 The Man from Earth: Holocene
 Apache OpenOffice 4.1.5
 NOTHING TO HIDE - The do...

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