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FreeDOS 1.0 release (several distribution flavors)

Released by OldGrumpy on 06. September 2006 at 23:17:55GMT [Report Bad Release]
Product Homepage: http://www.freedos.org/
  Downloaded 26717 times (rated Average; 3 out of 5 from 12 votes) 
FreeDOS 1.0 release (several distribution flavors)
Open Source
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From the website:
FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems. FreeDOS is made of up many different, separate programs that act as "packages" to the overall FreeDOS Project.

You can run FreeDOS on pretty much anything. While can run FreeDOS on a dedicated PC, now it's most often run inside a PC emulator. You can find PC emulators for all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac.) If you are new to DOS, we recommend you use an emulator to install and boot FreeDOS.

fdbasecd.iso is the recommended download for dial-up users and those with limited hard drive space. It solely contains the BASE diskset and lacks a LiveCD portion.

fdbasews.iso is recommended for people with little hard disk space, but with a faster internet connection. It is the same as fdbasecd except it also contains the LiveCD portion and the SRC_BASE diskset. As a general rule, when installing it is usually not recommended to install the sources, as they will take up much hard disk space.

fdfullcd.iso is the recommended download for users with a fast internet connection and a reasonable level of free hard disk space. It is as fdbasecd, but containing the LiveCD portion and the COMPRESS, DRIVER, EDIT, GAMES, GUI, LANG, MEDIA, NET, and UTIL disksets. This will likely be the ISO for most users.

fdfullws.iso is NOT recommended for most, if any users. It is an unnecessarily large download and is only provided to satisfy the various licenses (especially GPL) under which each of the software packages are. Users who wish to inspect source code may download individual packages from the internet, as most will not be indending to see every line of code.

fdboot.img is provided for users experiencing difficulties with or who are unable to boot from CD-ROM. If you write this file to a floppy disk, you can then use the CD-ROM as if it were booted from the CD-ROM. Another way to boot from CD-ROM is to use Smart Boot Manager (btmgr.sf.net).
 Download complete release as eMule-Collection (Get All Files)
  fdbasecd.iso [QuickLink] 7.91 MB  5513 
  fdbasews.iso [QuickLink] 48.84 MB  2826 
  fdboot.img [QuickLink] 1.41 MB  3713 
  fdfullcd.iso [QuickLink] 152.76 MB  10169 
  fdfullws.iso [QuickLink] 241.49 MB  4496 
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3 - Posted by OldGrumpy on 08. September 2006 at 03:27:40GMT
All parts are now available. Enjoy! I'll keep on updating the release from time to time when new "milestones" are released.
2 - Posted by TRACKER on 06. September 2006 at 23:17:55GMT
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1 - Posted by OldGrumpy on 06. September 2006 at 15:17:36GMT
I'm sorry, the original servers at ibiblio are terribly overloaded, so I decided to add each iso to the list of links when it is done - so that as many people as possible can use the emule download links.
One more iso and the release is done for now, sorry for the extra effort caused.

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